Corporate Governance

The directors are committed to conducting the affairs of the company with integrity, transparency and within the law for the interest of shareholders, employees, investors and other stakeholders.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors of Minerva Risk Advisors consists of two executive and four non-executive directors with a wide range of expertise as well as significant professional and commercial experience.

The Board is responsible among other things for overall strategy, policies and annual results, budgets and capital expenditure.

In order to fully discharge its duties, the Board has constituted standing committees to deal with specific area which are more fully dealt with below.

Audit and Risk Committee
The Audit and Risk Committee consists of two non-executive Directors, namely Messrs. M Mazimbe (Chairman), O Majuru with the Managing Director and Finance Director attending ex-officio.

The Audit and Risk Committee essentially oversees integrity of the Company's financial reporting and the internal controls and risk management system and process. The Committee reviews and approves all interim reports and the financial statements of the Company. It monitors and approves internal control policies and procedures. The Committee also deliberates on the reports and findings of internal and external auditors. The external auditors have unfettered access to the Committee, as well as the entire Board.

Remuneration Committee
The Committee consists of two non-executive directors Messrs. G Sainsbury and O Majuru. The Managing Director, Finance Director and Human Resources Executive attend ex-officio. The Committee is charged with the responsibility for determining the Board’s remuneration policy for executive directors, senior management and staff.

In formulating policy, the Committee has to consider size, complexity and level of activity in order to attract and retain high caliber employees who can enhance the performance of the group.


  • Shingai Mutasa - Non-Executive Chairman
  • Mackenzie Mazimbe - Non-Executive Director
  • Gavin Sainsbury – Non - Executive Director
  • Osbourne Majuru – Non - Executive Director
  • Lydia Tanyanyiwa  - Managing Director
  • Courage Shoniwa - Finance Director

Senior Management - Corporate Office   

  • Lydia Tanyanyiwa – Managing Director
  • Courage Shoniwa – Finance Director
  • Timothy Nherudzo – General Manager (Minerva Benefits Consulting)
  • Solomon Mavuka – General Manager (Minerva Re)
  • Brian Chirema – General Manager (Minerva Risk Solutions)
  • Godwin Mudiwa - Human Resources Executive

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