We are the dominant pensions administrator for the non-NEC mining employees

Minerva Benefits consulting has extensive experience in providing solutions for defined benefit (DB), defined contribution (DC) and hybrid schemes of all sizes. Our key services include pensions administration, pension fund accounting, pensioner payroll and broking (offering consulting or advisory services on pension related issues). We listen to the needs of our clients and design a benefit structure or plan that meets the objectives of the Trustees and members.

The Umbrella Fund – provides maximum benefit to small and medium sized enterprises

Minerva has a pooled pension arrangement, called the Umbrella Fund, which takes care of small to medium enterprises. The economies of scale in having one larger Fund will provide greater investment opportunities and reduced investment costs. As and when an employer grows to a relatively large size, participating employers have the option to move out of the Umbrella Fund and set up an independent Fund. The Fund does not have a fixed contribution rate and each participating Employer decides on a rate to contribute to the Fund.

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