School and university fees insurance

Your employees desire financial security for themselves and their families, in a world that is increasingly becoming less financially secure, and in a country where there is little in terms of a ‘safety net’.  At no additional cost to you, or additional administration time, we are able to offer group rates to your employees who invest in School or University Fees Insurance. The rates are dependent on the number of employees that take up the insurance cover.

  • Our School and University Fees Protect Insurance ensures that you employees children can continue their education up to the agreed level if the parent dies or becomes more than 50% disabled. School Fees Protect pays a once-off lump sum to the child's school for all the remaining fees until the child finishes school.
  • For example: If a parent/guardian dies and the child is in form 1, term 3 the policy would immediately pay to the school the fees from form 2 to form 6. Or if the main breadwinner dies whilst the child is in Grade 3 for example, and the child is fully insured for primary and secondary school, the School Fees Protect Insurance will pay up till the child has completed A Levels.
  • Premiums are determined by the school fees starting from as little as $4 per student per term.
    Give your employees greater peace of mind with this benefit.

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