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Accident & Health

  • Insurance for injury or death of employees arising out of an accident or external, violent and visible means
  • Medical aid shortfalls arising from accidental injury
  • Hospital Cash Back at $50 per day for a maximum of 30 days following admission into hospital for injury arising out of accidents

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Actuarial Services

Minerva actuarial services was established in 2006 and offers a full range of actuarial services, to both the insurance industry and the employee benefits industry.  Our principal focus is on actuarial requirements of our clients. We are committed to adding value – harnessing the actuarial education and experience of our staff, to deliver the quality of service and solutions that Minerva clients have come to expect.

Minerva currently offers a range of actuarial services which include;

  • Advice on benefit design
  • Valuations of pension, provident, funeral and medical funds
  • Risk Profile Analysis
  • Life and Short-term insurance
  • Reinsurance
  • Investments Policy


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Analytical and Technical Services

Minerva Re Services provides forward looking insights into the risks within your company and identifies changes to risk transfer and risk financing markets in advance of key renewals, so you can better anticipate the impact to your portfolio. We have made significant investments in our capabilities and use proprietary, leading-edge tools to deliver customised solutions to you.

Art and Collectors Insurance

  • Insurance for rare collections, artifacts, art and ornaments of sentimental or historic value


  • Hull Insurance – insurance for the flying vessel
  • Liabilities – insurance for the liability arising out of carrying passengers, and operating a flying vessel.

Banking & Finance

  • Cash Holdings – cover for cash in the vaults and safes of the bank
  • Cash In Transit – cover for cash in movement between branches and to or from clients
  • Professional Indemnity – cover for liability arising out of conducting work in an advisory capacity, acting as a proxy or an agent
  • Custodial – liabilities arising out of custodial services offered by the bank to its customers

Baseline Risk Assessment

Identification of as many of the risks facing your organisation, and to evaluate all of these risks in terms of their relative importance to each other, with a view to prioritising the risks in order that they may be attended to according to their relative importance.

Business Continuity Planning

These are aimed at providing our clients with a meaningful blueprint for recovering from a disaster in the quickest possible time with the lowest possible impact on the affected loss exposures, namely people, property, revenue, liability (both criminal and civil), environment and reputation (image).

Business Interruption/Loss of Profits

  • Insurance cover for loss of gross profit following loss or damage sustained from perils insurable under Property Damage
  • Advanced Loss of Profits – consequential loss arising out of delay of completion of projects, or delivery of key material inputs, amongst other

Cash In Transit

  • Cash In Transit – cover for cash in transit
  • Bullion in Transit – cover for precious metals in transit


  • Fidelity – insurance for loss of property or money due to dishonesty of employees.
  • Bonds – Insurance for all types of bonds ranging from Customs & Excise Bonds to Performance and Bid Bonds
  • Liabilities – insurance for legal liabilities arising out of the normal course of business such as:-
  • Common General Liability
  • Employers & Residual Liability
  • Products Liability (and Recall in special cases)
  • Motor Traders Liability
  • Bailey’s Liability
  • Warehousemen’s Liability amongst other


We have special packages for Churches and their congregants designed to achieve premium savings by harnessing the potential of volumes of congregants in the churches.

Clients Services

Effective reinsurance client service focuses on your needs, at any time and in any place in the world. Minerva Re reinsurance programs are as good as the personnel behind them. Through partnership with Aon Benfield, we employ industry leading professionals to deliver claims, accounting, contract wording and market security expertise.

Commercial & SME Business Combined Policy

Insurance products designed to cover all the exposures your small business comes across, with the following:-

  • Property – cover for buildings, furniture, fixtures and fittings
  • Stock – cover for stock in trade
  • Business Interruption – cover for loss of gross profit following loss or damage to property or stock in trade
  • Computer – cover for electronic data processing machinery
  • Fidelity – cover for theft or fraud from employees
  • Personal Accident – cover for employees from injury or death
  • Liabilities – cover for liabilities relevant to your business.

Construction & Erection

  • Contract works – insurance for the actual contract or erection works
  • Performance and Bid Bonds – insurance guarantee for satisfaction of contractual obligations
  • Liabilities – legal liabilities arising out of construction & erection works


Engineering insurance is for loss or damage to plant/machinery whilst at work, including the resultant loss of gross profit.

Environmental Rehabilitation

  • Insurance cover or self-insurance schemes for rehabilitation of the environment following cessation of activities such as mining, quarrying, and

Events Insurance

  • Insurance for major events such as sporting events, shows, and carnivals, ranging from equipment of artists, temporary import bonds to public liabilities

Facultative Reinsurance Solutions

Facultative reinsurance is useful in managing exposures which may exceed the per-risk capacity provided in treaties or otherwise reduces the overall efficiency of treaties in terms of pricing, structure and market. As the market`s leading facultative broker, Minerva Re facultative provides alternative coverage options to help you grow your business without exposing your underwriting results to excessive volatility from individual policy coverages.


We offer insurance coverage for:-

  • Individual Farmers – farmers growing crop or undertaking animal husbandry on a commercial scale.
  • Contract Farming Schemes – farmers who are growing crops under a contract farming scheme

Healthcare Consulting - Corporate

Minerva recently set up a healthcare consulting division leveraging on the expertise of other Aon Offices particularly South Africa and Kenya. Aon Kenya has an extensive healthcare book of business and are the largest Healthcare Consulting Advisors in East Africa.
After careful consideration of your risk profile, Minerva are able to assist in identifying an appropriate solution that would fit with your healthcare insurance requirements. The analysis minimizes unnecessary expenditure and reduces incorrect claiming, resulting in a more efficient operational process.

Ill-health Benefits - Corporate

This product is designed to enhance the benefits of an employee who would have retired on ill-health grounds. The reduced years of service due to ill-health coupled with loss of value as a result of hyperinflation experienced in Zimbabwe in recent years negatively impacts on the retirement savings. Many employees who, would ordinarily qualify for ill-health early retirement are not keen to retire hence Employers are not able to hire or replace them with more productive employees. A lump sum based on a multiple of salary is payable in accordance with the Rules of the Fund.

In addition, Minerva has also introduced Dread disease insurance which covers the following critical illnesses;

  • cancer
  • heart attack
  • stroke
  • blindness
  • Alzheimer's
  • multiple sclerosis
  • major organ transplants
  • kidney failure
  • paralysis

Investment advice - Corporate

Leveraging on QED Actuaries, Minerva Employee Benefits assist Trustees to formulate a comprehensive investment strategy or policy that assists Trustees to manage Pension Fund investments.

In addition we do a global performance comparison survey on a quarterly basis tracking the performance of all the Asset Managers managing Pension Funds in Zimbabwe. This enables Trustees to benchmark their respective Asset managers’ performance relative to the market.

Issue Based Risk Assessment

These  are based upon a specific issue for example on an asset, event or activity. These are narrowly focused, being ‘issue-based but go into great detail in re-evaluating the risk in more depth, and in then designing suitable treatment or control strategies.

Life Assurance - Corporate

Life Assurance is the recognition of some value of a human life and the possibility of indemnification for the loss of that value to the surviving beneficiaries is critical. Minerva can assist you in setting up the following group and individual life policies;

  • Group Life Assurance Policy
  • Life and Endowment Policies
  • Educational Policy
  • Credit Policy


  • Hull Insurance – insurance for the watercraft vessel
  • Liabilities – insurance for the liability arising out of carrying passengers, and operating a watercraft vessel.

Marine/Goods In Transit

  • Insurance for local and international bound cargo.


  • Insurance for mining activities from mining equipment, infrastructure, processing plant, precious metals, employees, and environment rehabilitation

Motor Trades

  • Cover for sale and trading of vehicles.
  • Liabilities accrued to your business, whilst customer vehicles are in your custody

Motor Vehicles - Corporate

  • Cover for all classes of motor vehicles from Full Third Party to Comprehensive Cover.
  • 24hr Emergency Roadside Assistance cover


Cover for NGO’s. We understand that the exemption of NGO’s from paying selected import duties brings about complications in determining adequacy of insurance. We design policies, terms and conditions suitable to their unique circumstances.

Pension Fund - Corporate

Minerva Benefits consulting has extensive experience in providing solutions for defined benefit (DB), defined contribution (DC) and hybrid schemes of all sizes. Our key services include pensions administration, pension fund accounting, pensioner payroll and broking (offering consulting or advisory services on pension related issues). We listen to the needs of our clients and design a benefit structure or plan that meets the objectives of the Trustees and members.

Post Loss Investigations

These are aimed at providing a list of possible causes of the loss, together with recommendations for avoiding a repeat. They also assist in coming up with a proper delination of the policies and procedures to make a claim under.

Professional Risks

  • Directors & Officers Liability – cover for personal liability and financial loss protection for directors and officers from acts allegedly or committed in their capacity as corporate directors or officers
  • Professional Indemnity – cover for liability arising out of conducting work in an advisory capacity, acting as a proxy or an agent
  • Trustees Liability – cover for personal liability and financial loss protection for trustees of non-profit institutions from acts allegedly or committed in their capacity as trustees or custodians
  • Keyman insurance – cover for loss of revenue or additional increase in cost of hiring equivalent skills following loss of key skills in an organisation or project

Programme Risk Assessment

Identification of any new risks and monitoring risks already identified and prioritised.  We generate Risk Index Numbers (RIN) at every visit to monitor progress in the management of risk.

Project Risk Management

We get involved with project teams from the concept stage, to make sure that all risk considerations are taken into account from day 1. This ensures that risk is eliminated as far as possible in the underlying projects design, and that any unavoidable residual risk is effectively mitigated by innovative, cost effective solutions.
By involving us from the outset, you can avoid expensive retro-fits later, and show true commitment to due-diligence principles to various stakeholders by designing out risk from the ground up.

Property - Corporate

  • Property – insurance cover for buildings, fixtures, fittings and furniture
  • Plant, Machinery & Equipment – insurance cover for plant, machinery and equipment
  • Stock throughput – insurance for all types of stocks from merchandise to petroleum products to motor vehicles.
  • Mobile Plant – insurance cover for mobile plant such as forklifts, graders, dozers, etc
  • Electronic & Data Processing Machinery – insurance cover for loss or damage to such machinery, the cost of reinstating data and unforeseen additional increase in cost of working arising out of an insured peril/accident
  • Residential – insurance for properties used by the company as residence for employees or guest houses
  • Cash – insurance for cash held by the business at premises or in the custody of employees or directors of the company.

Risk Registers

These are aimed at providing the organization with a full scope blueprint of all the exposures that the organization faces, the office responsible for managing the risk, the solutions in place to manage the risk and impact of these risks to the organization

Special Communities

We also cater for needs of special communities and design tailor-made solutions to suit their unique circumstances.


  • Travel Insurance for corporates and individuals covering illness, injury, personal liability, cancellation/curtailment of trip, emergency accommodation and repatriation of the body in the event of death whilst travelling outside the borders of Zimbabwe through our international partners

Treaty Reinsurance

Treaty Reinsurance addresses underwriting and capital objectives on a portfolio level, allowing more effective management of the combination of premium growth, return on capital and rating agency interests.

Umbrella Fund

Minerva has a pooled pension arrangement which takes care of small to medium enterprises. The economies of scale in having one larger Fund will provide greater investment opportunities and reduced investment costs. As and when an employer grows to a relatively large size, participating employers have the option to move out of the Umbrella Fund and set up an independent Fund.
The Fund does not have a fixed contribution rate and each participating Employer decides on a rate to contribute to the Fund.

Underwriting Surveys

The purpose of Underwriting Surveys is to provide underwriters with a synopsis of your organisaton, its activities and the nature of risks attached to your business and how you are managing these risks.
An integral part of our underwriting surveys is the determination of the Maximum Foreseeable Loss (MFL) and Estimated Maximum Probable Loss (EMPL).


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