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Healthcare Consulting

Minerva recently set up a healthcare consulting division leveraging on the expertise of other Aon Offices particularly South Africa and Kenya. Aon Kenya has an extensive healthcare book of business and are the largest Healthcare Consulting Advisors in East Africa.
After careful consideration of your risk profile, Minerva are able to assist in identifying an appropriate solution that would fit with your healthcare insurance requirements. The analysis minimizes unnecessary expenditure and reduces incorrect claiming, resulting in a more efficient operational process.

Ill-health Benefits

This product is designed to enhance the benefits of an employee who would have retired on ill-health grounds. The reduced years of service due to ill-health coupled with loss of value as a result of hyperinflation experienced in Zimbabwe in recent years negatively impacts on the retirement savings. Many employees who, would ordinarily qualify for ill-health early retirement are not keen to retire hence Employers are not able to hire or replace them with more productive employees. A lump sum based on a multiple of salary is payable in accordance with the Rules of the Fund.

In addition, Minerva has also introduced Dread disease insurance which covers the following critical illnesses;

  • cancer
  • heart attack
  • stroke
  • blindness
  • Alzheimer's
  • multiple sclerosis
  • major organ transplants
  • kidney failure
  • paralysis

Investment advice

Leveraging on QED Actuaries, Minerva Employee Benefits assist Trustees to formulate a comprehensive investment strategy or policy that assists Trustees to manage Pension Fund investments.

In addition we do a global performance comparison survey on a quarterly basis tracking the performance of all the Asset Managers managing Pension Funds in Zimbabwe. This enables Trustees to benchmark their respective Asset managers’ performance relative to the market.

Life Assurance Products

Life Assurance is the recognition of some value of a human life and the possibility of indemnification for the loss of that value to the surviving beneficiaries is critical. Minerva can assist you in setting up the following group and individual life policies;

  • Group Life Assurance Policy
  • Life and Endowment Policies
  • Educational Policy
  • Credit Policy

Motor Vehicles - Personal

  • Cover for personal motor vehicles on Comprehensive Cover including classic cars
  • 24hr cover for Emergency Roadside Assistance

Please click below to download the Motor proposal form.

Proposal Form

Pension fund administration and advisory services

Minerva Benefits consulting has extensive experience in providing solutions for defined benefit (DB), defined contribution (DC) and hybrid schemes of all sizes. Our key services include pensions administration, pension fund accounting, pensioner payroll and broking (offering consulting or advisory services on pension related issues). We listen to the needs of our clients and design a benefit structure or plan that meets the objectives of the Trustees and members.

Personal Accident

  • Cover for injury or death following an accident or violent, external and visible mean.

Pleasure Craft

  • Cover for pleasure craft used for leisure purposes such as boats, small aircraft, gliders, etc

Property - Personal

Cover for houses, holiday homes, outbuildings, furniture, household contents, jewellery, etc including your domestic employees property

Retirement Planning and Counselling

We believe that the correct steps in the right direction can help you achieve great things over time. The quality of one’s future life will depend on plans made and implemented during the working life. At Minerva we have quality education programs that encourage employees to reassess their retirement goals, to make more realistic plans, and to change their behaviour in order to achieve their retirement dreams and objectives.


  • We have a cutting edge solution for schools, parents and scholars named Schools Protect.
  • Protect your child's future education by buying School Fees Protect from Minerva.

Ensure that your children can continue their education if you become disabled or lose your life.

If you die or are more than 50% disabled due to a visible, external accident, school fees protect pays a once-off lump sum to your child's school for all the remaining fees until your child finishes school.

For example: If a parent/guardian dies and the child is in form 1, term 3 the policy would immediately pay to the school the fees from form 2 to form 6.

Premiums are driven by the school fees starting from as little as $4 per student per term.

Self Insurance / Alternative Risk Transfer Solutions

  • Design of bespoke self-insurance solutions for clients seeking to reduce their insurance costs in the long term, or have unique risks that cannot be insured conventionally.

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