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The MRe Promise

We strive to bring experience, innovation and excellent results in the partnership

The Minerva Healthcare Promise

Our promise is to deliver exceptional consulting services that revolutionize healthcare solutions in Zimbabwe, exceeding our clients’ expectations and transforming the nation’s healthcare landscape.

About Us

Minerva Healthcare is a leading medical aid broker and healthcare consultant dedicated to providing expert guidance and support to individuals and corporates in navigating the complex landscape of medical aid schemes. Founded in 2014, Minerva Healthcare has a team of experienced advisors and a commitment to unbiased advice..

Our comprehensive services include medical aid comparisons, personalized recommendations, health assessments, claims assistance, wellness services, and customer support. We offer diversified health risk management and human capital solutions with services designed to guide, educate and protect corporates and individuals against adverse healthcare costs and improve their health and well-being. Our goal is to empower our clients to prioritize their health and well-being, ensuring they receive the best possible medical aid coverage for their needs and budget.

Services We Provide

We provide treaty, facultative and alternative risk transfer solutions

Providing clients with unparalleled support and assistance in navigating the complexities of healthcare.

For Individuals

Medical Aid Comparisons:

We provide detailed comparisons of various medical aid schemes to help you choose the plan that best suits you.

Personalized Recommendations:

Our expert advisors offer personalized recommendations based on individual health profiles, ensuring that you receive the most suitable medical aid coverage.

Health Assessments:

We thoroughly assess your healthcare needs and recommend the best medical aid options.

Claims Assistance:

We’ll assist you with claims processing to ensure a smooth reimbursement for your medical expenses.

Customer Support:

We are here to provide dedicated support and address any concerns about your medical aid coverage.

Minerva Healthcare for Individuals

Medical Aid Comparison

We'll provide detailed comparisons to help you choose the medical aid plan that best suits your needs.

Health Assessment

We assess your healthcare needs to recommend the best medical aid options for you.

Customer Support

We're here to provide personalized assistance and address any concerns about your medical aid coverage.

For Corporates

Corporate Medical Aid Plans:

We’ll create a tailored medical aid plan to comprehensively cover your corporate employees’ healthcare needs.

Group Health Assessments:

We conduct a group health assessments to evaluate employee wellness, identify improvement areas, and recommend the right medical aid solutions.

Cost-Effective Solutions:

Cost-effective medical aid solutions that allow your organization to offer competitive healthcare benefits to employees.

Claims Management:

Efficiently manage and process your corporate medical aid claims, reducing admin and ensuring timely reimbursement of employee expenses.

Consultation Services:

Consultative guidance on healthcare benefits, compliance, and industry best practices to help you make informed decisions about your medical aid offerings.

Wellness services:

A wellness program tailored to your employees’ needs, going beyond just claims data to proactively prevent future medical issues and improve financial wellness.

Corporate Medical Aid

We'll craft a tailored medical aid plan to comprehensively cover your employees' healthcare needs.

Consultation Services

We provide consultative support on healthcare offerings, best practices, and regulations to inform your decisions.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We provide medical aid solutions to help your organization offer employees comprehensive healthcare coverage.