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School Fees Protect Cover

Protecting your child’s education

Why School Fees Protect Cover?

The Schools Protect has been tailor-made by Minerva Risk Solutions to give school heads, teachers and parents peace of mind whilst focusing on educating scholars. The policy is designed to ensure that the school is protected against inherent risks found in any educational institution environment.

Cover is for school fees, in the event that the parent or guardian dies by any means except for suicide or gets incapacitated due to a violent, visible, external accident. The policy pays a once off-lump sum to the school of all the remaining fees from the time of such death or accident and the number of years remaining till the affected pupil(s) finish school.

Claiming is easy with Minerva

We make it easy for you to submit your claim. Choose the method you are most comfortable with:

Contact us on:

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Documents required when submitting a claim


  • A certified copy of death certificate.
  • Fully completed claim form.


  • Doctor’s medical report.
  • Police report
  • Fully completed claim form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is paid the money in the event of a claim?

The insurer will pay to the named school/s a lump sum compensation based on the insured fee/s from the period of death of the parent/guardian specified in the schedule.

The policy is a short-term policy which has no maturity period and there is no pay out.

Yes, if the proposer knows the school fees they will be paying for their child in high school, they can pay for both stages. However, tertiary cover can only be paid for when a child has reached the Lower Sixth form.

Yes, certainly. All the parent needs to do is notify Minerva of the changes and the policy will be adjusted accordingly, with either a premium refund or additional premium being paid.

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